Coast To Coast Diary

> Day Eleven



See what I mean, ginger persons, and four for a pound, what’s that all about? Is it that you can’t say ginger bread men in this day and age because it might be offensive to women, girls, or boys? So it has to be ginger persons. Why not ginger bread persons? By saying ginger persons I think that could cause offence to people with red hair, and I think the great man himself AW had red hair. In fact I think that was his nick name at one part of his life, Red, on account of the colour of his hair and it being the second part of a name, he did not like Alfred!

And I think it would even cause more offence if you’re giving four away for a pound! Come on people in this pc world of ours, what are you playing at. Have you nothing better to do with your time? Ok, is God a male? If not, why is HE always referred to as him? Is Mother Nature a woman, or could it be Ms Nature these days? And what about Father Time, is the clock ticking away on his title? Come on people, act like a pair of curtains and pull yourselves together! Ok, rant over, (for the time being anyway). The sign was in a bakers shop in Richmond and this is where we are starting out 11th section from and all being well, we will finish at Danby Wiske about 12 or 13 miles away.

We will go under the A1 on this section, the second great traffic artery on this coast to coast walk, the third being the A19. Apparently we have to run across the busy dual carriage way there, so I’m not looking forward to that. Also there are supposed to be a lot of cows in these next two sections but as PL says, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Hopefully there will be a bridge ha ha, but I fear he was talking metaphorically? Anyway we set off down some quaint street that takes us to Richmond Bridge where PL takes a picture of the bridge and the castle which is partially obscured by the trees.

After crossing the bridge we turn left at a way marked sign post then along a path past a pavilion and up to our second silly sign of the day. Not so much silly this one but more frightening. And what was standing behind the sign was just as frightening as the sign itself, except it could do you more damage. There were quite a few cows in this field but this one was standing closest to the gate and was watching us intently now. As Nicky was getting his pole out, me and PL sneaked through the gate and immediately went to the fence and started to walk through the field by the side of the fence.

As least there was a bit of safety there, if the cows did come charging like before we could at least get over the fence. But thankfully it didn’t come to that, although the mean looking cow and a few others kept watch on us as we strolled through their field. We came to a fence where we could see a path going down through a field with lots of cows in it and there was also a path going up to the farm.

We took this one and it passed a row of house with a nice man at number 7 saying good morning to us as he was putting out loads of bird seed to feed our little feathered friends. This lead us onto the A6136 then taking a path of the road at a sharp right hand bend we went left here towards the sewage works! Up a hill passing some cows then down the hill again to go right on a path that would take us through some woods with the river on the left and after a while that lead us to Colburn.

Out of Colburn turning right then left then through a couple of fields before turning left again then right running along side the Swale again. Passed St Giles Farm then when passing through Thornbrough Farm we are suddenly at the A1. This, PL tells me, really is his office. 30 years man and boy I’ve been on that road he was saying, blah, blah, blah, I could tell he was enjoying this part.

After taking a few snaps of his beloved A1 we were on our way down the embankment to cross underneath it. After this we went under a disused railway bridge then back into civilisation with a bang. It looked like thousands of cars and thousands of people. This being Sunday it was Catterick Market, and we were to learn later that Smithy was one of its pilgrims. Over the bridge turning right through some fields then up to the B6271 and taking a right turn after half a mile we arrived at Bolton On Swale.

The walk takes you past a lovely little cottage, St Mary’s before going into St Mary’s church itself to see the tall monument of Henry Jenkins who reported lived until he was 169, (I wonder if that was doggy years!). Out of the other gate of the church then over a stile on the right and we followed Bolton Brook to an old stone bridge that had seen better times and we had our lunch on there. A couple past us on the bridge and as we past them later on we stopped to ask for a bit of advice. The bloke put us on the right track but admitted he was finding this section very confusing. Off we trotted again over a field then turning left up a road to silly sign time again. The first one a warning and the second one a garage. As PL was taking the second picture of John and John’s garage (where trespassers would be prosecuted) but it didn’t turn out, Nicky said he had seen the couple we had been talking to coming up the lane but he said they were no longer behind us. Back to the walk and it is obvious that after walking a very long way on the tarmac that we have gone wrong once again. PL was saying to Nicky that he now thinks the red brick cottages were behind the children and animals sign on the big hedge and we should have made a right turn there before we even got to John and John’s as that couple had probably done. We marched along the road until we came to a staggered junction and our way was to stagger across the staggered junction to Danby Wiske 4 miles it said.

PL said that would do him for the day as he was relieved he hadn’t encountered many cows with the dog so far so let’s just keep it that way and march to the sherpa. Nicky agreed saying even Wainwright says if you have a fear of the cows stick to the road and it will also have the advantage of getting this section done quicker as there is nothing to see. We marched along the road for about 3 miles before we seen a car and when we did see one it was Smithy in the Sherpa. He pulled up along side us and enquired if we would require a lift. F--k off was the answer coming simultaneously from my two human companions. Smithy was saying he was bursting for a wee and there were no facilities in Danby Wiske. What about the pub enquired Nicky? Oh that doesn’t open until November Smithy says, much to Nicky’s disgust. I think he quite fancied a swift arf after all the marching; even Wainwright got a packet of crisps on his first visit.

We all nipped behind the hedge for a quick call of nature before Smithy tore away down the road in the sherpa leaving us to our marching, the three musketeers ride again, one for all and sod the rest! It wasn’t long before we were all reunited again at the little green in front of The White Swan pub in Danby Wiske. Then I had a little game of throw/catch on the green before Smithy took a picture of myself and PL sitting outside the pub. Nickalarse was as sick as a pig he wasn’t sitting inside the pub! On leaving Danby Wiske we noticed the sign on the side of the pub saying, Robin Hoods Bay 60 miles. PL said he would get a picture of that when we set of on the next leg.