Coast To Coast Diary

> Day Thirteen



Turning the corner into Smithy’s street at exactly five past six in the morning we could see Smithy puffing on a fag and putting stuff into his car (our sherpa). We always go up five minutes late to give those two a chance to have their morning puff. But this morning there was no sign of Nicky. Alex went back into his house to get more stuff and me and PL stood outside for about five minutes before deciding to go down to Nicky’s house to see if we could raise him if he had slept in. PL knocked on the door a few times but there was no answer. We walked back up to Smithy’s house in silence to see Smithy sitting in the sherpa waiting patiently for the three musketeers to arrive, but alas, there were only two. Nicky not going then Smithy’s says, doesn’t look like it PL replied as we got in the car and then we were off to do section 13.

We arrived at Ingleby Arncliffe in just under an hour at the big tower thingy that we finished at on the last section. As I was playing on the grass and PL was getting ready a silver BMW pulled up and with the window sliding down a beautiful lady was asking PL and Smithy if they were locals. PL replied no (but I could read his mind and he was thinking, we can be if you want us to). He said could he be of help anyway to which the woman replied, I’m trying to get to Great Ayton.

PL said that she should be on the A172 and put her right; she thanked us and then she went on her way. I caught the last 3 letters in her registration and I guess they spelt her name but that will be my little secret. Ok, all I will say is, it is two vowels and a continent! So if that was you dear beautiful lady and you were up to no good, your secret is safe with me. We said goodbye to Smithy as we set off turning right walking down the road to Ingleby Cross passing the Blue Bell on the right then going across the A172 and up a lane passing the church and Arncliffe Hall and also some cottages across a field into the woods. We turn right on a broad forest trail dropping then rising and then we were welcomed by killer birds who came after us trying to finish what the cows started.

Climbing steeply up to the hairpin turning left back up into the trees through South Wood then passing the telecom masts and out into Scarth Wood Moor. The path goes along the moor then down to join a minor road doing a left then quick right going into the trees and goes along to a view point over Swainby. There are two benches here and I sit on one while PL takes a picture of the view. Then the path goes down to the left leaving the track and again at the bottom it’s a left and quick right. We are now in Cairn Wood but not for long as we follow our instructions and go left through a field then over a beck to join a road and apparently we are back down at ground level (great!).

As we were passing Hollin Hill Farm the heavens opened up and we tried to shield behind a blue steel tank thingy to put our water proofs on. We got wet but as soon as we had our proofs on the usual happened, the rain stopped! And I can tell you now dear reader it never came on again all day but we kept our proofs on until we got to the sherpa.

Up to a T junction then going right crossing the road and going through a gate to a path which skirts the woods then turning right through a gate going up a stone stairway to a stile that leads us onto Live Moor, I think this is a really good picture of me sitting there with my cape on like the cape crusader! (Thank god I’m not like cat woman).

This wasn’t the most enjoyable section of the walk for me, all down and ups and up and downs. It’s described in the book as a good section PL says but something just didn’t click, maybe it was because that Nicky wasn’t here, I don’t know, but I just wanted to get on and get it over with. We past the glider hanger then we dropped again passing through the very busy Lord Stones Café. Then another steep climb back up again to Cringle Moor. We stop at the seat on Cringle End for a bit if a rest and a few pics before walking up the rest of the path onto the moor and striding along with some excellent views and in this you can see Rosebery Topping in the distance.

Then it was back down again and back up again going along the top it was very windy. Then we came to another bit where it was back down again and back up again but this time it was up to the Wainstones and PL says this was the last climb of the day, Hurrah! I liked the Wainstones, I think it was the best part of today’s walk. I stood on them and sat and watched the rock climbers practising then scrambled up through them.

Then it was back along the moors to the last drop into the Clay Bank Top car park were Smithy should be waiting for us. When we got there Smithy wasn’t there so we just had to hang around and wait for him for a bit. We didn’t wait long before Smithy pulled in and we got in the sherpa and headed for home on this very uneventful, and to me very boring stretch, but that’s just me dear reader, you might enjoy it!