In 2009 I did a coast to coast walk with my dog Maisie.

The walk was devised by the late great A Wainwright in 1972 and starts

at St Bees in Cumbria on the west coast and finishes at Robin Hoods Bay

in Yorkshire on the east coast.

It is around 190 miles long but we covered over 200 miles as we had to

walk back to the car a couple of times because no transport was available.

We didn’t do it for charity or anything like that we just did it for fun, also

we didn’t do it in one go we split it into sections, 16 sections to be precise.

The longest section being just over 20 miles and the shortest was around

9 miles. The walk was done between March and October when life

allowed it to happen and is dedicated to those who would really love to

do something like this but for some reason or another they can’t.

I would like to thank Alex (Smithy) Smith who started the walk with us

then very kindly stepped in to become our sherpa when my wife Theresa

was in injured in a car accident. If it wasn’t for Alex then our walk would

not have been possible, also I would like to thank Nicky who walked

many of the sections with us when he could (it was great to have you on

board Nick). Thanks to my son Tom who walked on section 2 with us

(sorry about your sore feet son) and thanks to Joanne and Carolyn for

their great company on section 10, sing Lofty! Also thanks to Colin for

running us up to Danby Wiske to start that section. Last but not least I’d

like to thank my wife Theresa for putting up with all the coast to coast

malarkey and due to circumstances beyond our control did not get to join

in the fun of the outdoor bit and missed out on all that shopping (sorry T,

but there’s always next year!).

Maisie is a clever doggy and she wrote an account of her walk. 

It is in no way meant to be a guide (my God there’s enough of them) but

if it helps anybody along the way or inspires anybody to get up and do it

then that would be fantastic.

  Tony O’ Boyle 2009

Maisie now takes up the story.....Coast to Coast Diary


Coast to coast